This song was written for my best friend's wedding. It is a country wedding ballad that will take you back to the memories of your wedding and hopefully will be considered as one of your future wedding songs! Weddings are so special as they bring two hearts together as one. I do wish that all of you find that special someone and live a happy and fulfilled life. 

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Mistaken was written after realizing my true self worth and understating that I was mistaken about someone I thought I knew. We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn and grow to be better. This song encompasses a lot of emotion and tells a story of an abusive relationship. The songs I write are real. They are life experiences that brought me to where I am today. If this song resonates with you, know that it gets better. You were only mistaken.

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Karissa is a registered nurse and was inspired to write this song through experience as a registered nurse in continuing care homes. Hard Not To Fall takes you through the cycle of life starting with a baby first learning to walk, to a four year old learning to ride a bike without training wheels to falling in love, to falling as we age. It’s so important for us all to realize how vulnerable we get as we age and that we all go through it. It simply reminds us all to be kind to all ages. We are all human, we all fall! 

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Karissa wrote this beautiful song to inspire all women to claim their power and realize their worth. She wants young girls growing up in this tough world to know they are not alone and that they are truly enough just the way they are. The message this video gives, will touch your heart and make you realize that you are enough in every single way!

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BEHIND THE SCENES - Making of "I Do"

Photography by TheCoburnCo.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Making of "She's Enough"

BEHIND THE SCENES - Making of "Hard Not To Fall"

Photography by Taylor Hoffart Photography & Erin Marchuk
Photography by Prehistoric Productions

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